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Packers CEO: "Complacency" had infected football operation

1/10/2019 1:23:17 PM
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The Green Bay packers staunchly denied that their organization had grown stale but they are now admitting that "complacency" had infected their football operations according to Mike Florio of Pro Football

During Wednesday’s press conference introducing new coach Matt LaFleur, CEO Mark Murphy explained that he gathered information from nine players (one from each position group) regarding what the players hoped to achieve under a new coach.  “They wanted someone who would hold the players accountable,” Murphy explained. “They felt a complacency had set in among some players and coaches. . . . Is there something we could do to shake people up so they don’t have the complacency?”

That complacency had been pretty apparent to the naked eye but it surprising that the Packers are now admitting it so openly.  The problems seem to go back at least to the 2016 season, when quarterback Aaron Rodgers complained openly about a lack of energy on the sidelines. Not long after that, he bemoaned the absence of a healthy fear of getting fired if players weren’t doing their jobs.

Whether new head coach Matt McFleur is the right man to change the culture in Green Bay-and whether he can stand his ground with an immensely talented but dominant personality like Rodgers-remains to be seen but at least the Packers are trying something new.  And Mike McCarthy  will (or at least should) have to answer tough questions about how and why complacency descended onto the Packers under his watch if he wants to be a head coach again in the NFL.

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