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Rosen and Fitzpatrick will split QB reps during Dolphins OTAs

5/14/2019 10:24:31 AM
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Miami Dolphins assistant quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski says Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick will split the reps during OTAs according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

"I think they’ll all be working in with similar guys and getting pretty much equal reps with everybody," Schuplinski said. "Then, eventually, we’ll just see how they develop and how they go. I think we’ll probably let the process come to us and see who is playing well." 

It would be a shock if Rosen is not handed the reins in what should be an evaluation season for the Dolphins, but coach Brian Flores has already said the sophomore will have to "earn" it.  Both quarterbacks will be learning a new system but Fitzpatrick might be slightly ahead of Rosen because he signed in mid-March and Rosen didn’t arrive until the last days of April.

There’s another area where Fitzpatrick might initially enjoy an advantage over Rosen: Leadership.  Fitzpatrick came to the team as the starting quarterback March 17 and there was no question about that until the moment the Dolphins traded for Rosen five weeks later. In those five weeks, Fitzpatrick established himself in the Dolphins locker room and among offensive players as a leader. Perhaps as the leader.  And Fitzpatrick is embracing the competition-he is please that the Dolphins did not immediately relegate him to the role of backup when they acquired Rosen.

And teammates say Fitzpatrick has been carrying himself as if he intends to win the competition.



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