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Diversity group rips NFL's 'abysmal' hiring record

1/14/2020 6:15:21 AM
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The Fritz Pollard Alliance issued a scathing reaction Monday to the NFL's most recent coaching hires, saying the league's "abysmal record of hiring people of color in high ranking levels of NFL management" is the result of a "flawed system" that must be changed, Kevin Seifert of ESPN reports.

The Alliance, an independent organization that works with the NFL to champion diversity, called on the league to "develop specific diversity action plans to improve diversity in all aspects of management."

Five teams have filled their head-coaching positions during the past two weeks, but only one was a minority: new Washington Redskins coach Ron Rivera. Only three of the past 20 coaching hires were minorities, and there are currently four black head coaches in the league. The 2019 NFL racial and gender report card, issued by the University of Central Florida, said that NFL minority hiring is at its worst in the past 15 years.

According to the Alliance, 70.1% of NFL players are minorities. There is only one black general manager and no black team presidents.

"We are in a battle for social justice," the statement read. "The current system of hiring and promoting talent into the upper levels of NFL management is a flawed system. We cannot expect fairness if business remains status quo. Our focus must shift from counting emblematic victories each year to calling for measurable initiatives that support sustainable progress."

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