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Andy Reid looking ahead? "It's not how I roll"

1/18/2020 12:19:36 PM
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The one thing missing in the long and storied career of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is a Super Bowl trophy but Reid says he is not dwelling on that on the eve of the AFC Championship game according to Grant Gordon of

"I don't do that," Reid said.   "That's not how I roll at all. That doesn't take away from wanting to win the football game at hand. That's why I'm in the business. I love the business. You love the competition and so on. I don't go there." 

A member of the storied coaching tree that stretches all the way back to Bill Walsh and the beginning of the West Coast offense, Reid has piled up 207 victories in successful stints with both the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles and has in turn built his own coaching tree with the Eagles Doug Pederson, the Colts' Frank Reich, and the Bears' Matt Nagy.    But no coach in NFL history has won more games without winning a Super Bowl and Reid understands that the question is going to continue to be raised.  It is the difference between a very good coach and a Hall-of-Famer.

Reid would prefer to focus on the Tennessee Titans, which presents its own problem as he has a 1-8 record against the franchise.  "You're so focused in on this game here against the Titans," Reid said, "that the other stuff doesn't matter."

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