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The Buccaneers tease new uniforms for 2020

2/13/2020 6:52:30 AM
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be wearing new uniforms in 2020. The team hasn’t made an official announcement, but it did post a video to Twitter on Wednesday that teased a redesign, Thomas Bassinger of the Tampa Bay Times reports.

In the video, which has very V for Vendetta vibes, an artist enters an empty Raymond James Stadium at night, opens a backpack and pulls out newspapers and cans of spray paint. The camera focuses on numerous headlines — “Return to glory,” “Tampa Gets NFL Franchise For ’76,” “MANY HAPPY RETURNS,” “BELIEVE IT,” “SUPER!,” “Bucs uniforms mold old with new,” “Uniform effort,” “A BOLD NEW ERA” and “HOISTING NEW COLORS.”

After plastering the newspaper clippings to a blank wall, the artist spray paints a Bucs ship logo over them. We see three colors: red, orange and what looks like a grayer tone of pewter.

The team declined to comment about the video or about the possibility of new uniforms. That in itself might be a clue that change is coming.

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