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Carson Wentz bulks up for 2020: 'I feel really good with where I'm at'

7/31/2020 9:45:24 AM
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Carson Wentz arrived at the NovaCare Complex this week with a new body, Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

The biceps were bigger. The chest was bigger. He was carrying more weight. Good weight.

While many young players had to scramble to find places to work out and stay in shape during the pandemic, the fifth-year Eagles quarterback was able to pump iron daily in his home gym, which, needless to say, doesn’t look anything like yours or mine (an exercise bike and a couple of 30-pound weights in the master bedroom).

“The last couple of offseasons, I was dealing with injuries and trying to bounce back from injuries,’' Wentz said Thursday, referring to a torn ACL in 2017 and a fractured bone in his back in 2018.

“This offseason, I was really able to get after it and work out a little harder in my gym and all those things.

“I haven’t gained anything insane weight-wise. But I have definitely gained some weight. I feel really good with where I’m at.‘'

His 96.0 third-down passer rating was well below the league-best 123.7 he put up in ’17, and while he finished fifth in interception percentage, only New York Giants rookie Daniel Jones had more fumbles than Wentz (16).

So there is plenty of room for improvement, and he knows it.

“Red zone [the Eagles finished third in touchdown percentage inside the 20] and third down [fourth], that’s something I’m going to focus on every year, whether we’re first in the league or last in the league,” he said. “Because I’ve realized over the first couple of years of my career that those downs make or break ball games.‘'

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