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Cam Newton felt ‘disrespected’ during free agency

9/15/2020 9:57:32 AM
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Cam Newton hasn't forgotten being passed over in free agency after his release by the Carolina Panthers, NBC Sports Boston reports.

Newton, in his Monday morning appearance on WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show", talked about the motivation he has to perform at a high level against teams that could've signed him during the offseason but didn't.

“I'll just put it like this -- there was a long time off,” Newton said. “There’s a docu-series that I do have coming out about ’86 Nights.’ And for any person who has felt forgotten, yeah, I do feel disrespected to a degree. And that’s making me even more loyal and excited to the Patriots organization for giving me an opportunity. Because a lot of people, who knows, seeing what they saw yesterday or seeing what they have been seeing, probably would have regretted (not signing me in free agency). But yet, it’s not for me to be the person to give out this, that and the third."

“I do feel like I wake up ticked off with things to prove to certain people, whether it’s players, whether it’s coaches, whether it’s GMs, whether it’s just God that blessed us with the sun today. I don’t need too much to get myself going. I’m self-proclaimed. I’m motivated for myself, and that’s what I do. So when I play teams that I do know had an opportunity to come get me, yeah, it’s an added advantage to want to go out and do more.”

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