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Cam Newton said he was ‘stagnant’ after returning from COVID-19

11/20/2020 10:14:18 AM
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In his first few games back after testing positive for COVID-19, Patriots quarterback Cam Newton called his decision making “inexcusable,” said his mistakes were “unacceptable,” and that his recent performance was “sucking."  Newton felt he was stagnant upon returning, Conor Roche of the Boston Globe reports.

“Ever since coming back from corona, to be honest with you, I felt stagnant in my thought process,” Newton told reporters Thursday. “The play’s pre-snap production wasn’t happening fast enough for me in games. Did it happen in practice? Yeah. But still not fast enough. And even still now, I can get better.”

Newton, who didn’t feel any symptoms from COVID-19, didn’t attribute his issues to the virus. He said it was more about missing time on the practice field and forced virtual workouts during that time.

“No, it’s nothing [related to COVID-19],” Newton said. “It’s just the fact that I wasn’t able to do anything for that stint while I was off, and it showed. Coming back pretty much dry and knowing that as this offense goes, it evolves. And the mastermind behind everything with Josh [McDaniels], his mind doesn’t necessarily stop.”

“Whether it’s a new play, whether it’s something that we’re watching [from] back in 2002, 2011, ’12, he has a plethora of plays for certain defenses that we face that he goes to, and it all starts before the snap with identifying certain things. Identifying, communicating, with the offensive line, with the receivers, with the running backs — it’s my job to do so.”

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