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Julio Jones says he'll alert refs if Seahawks hold

1/11/2017 6:04:11 PM
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Falcons receiver Julio Jones, who appeared to be held by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on a controversial late no-call back in Week 6, has no plans to "cry" for penalties but won't hesitate to alert officials to foul play in Saturday's divisional playoff rematch, Vaughn McClure of reports.

The previous controversy stemmed from a play with one minute, 39 seconds remaining in regulation of the Seahawks' 26-24 victory in Seattle on Oct. 16. Had a flag been thrown, the Falcons would have sustained the drive for an opportunity at a game-winning field goal.

After the game, Jones insisted Sherman pulled his right side, while Sherman maintained his innocence and said, "I mean, I thought there was interference on offense on a few plays, and they didn't get it. So it was just one of those games. They let us play."

Jones said he would have no problem throwing up his hands and hunching his shoulders if such an incident happens again this time.

"When we're in a game, I'll go look at them like that and say, 'You didn't see it?' if they didn't see it," Jones told "I'm not going to sit up there and cry about anything. It is what it is. But you've got to alert them. Some refs just let you play, too. It's like, 'All right, you're going to let us play? Then we're going to go out here and play. If you're going to call it, call it. Just let me know how you're going to officiate this game.'"

Those discussion won't take place before kickoff, Jones emphasized.

"But if you grab me early, I'm going to let the ref know," Jones said. "And if they're not calling it, it's going to be a physical game."

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