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Is Marshawn Lynch hinting on Twitter he’ll be a Raider?

3/20/2017 5:30:16 AM
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As Raiders fans wait with bated breath to hear if Marshawn Lynch is really going to sign with his hometown team, the Oakland star jumped into the fray with a tantalizing tweet, Katie Dowd of the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

On Saturday, Lynch retweeted a fan who noticed the former Oakland Tech running back has a song called 'Oakland Raiders' on his Spotify playlist. The song choice — and tacit endorsement of the observation via retweet — has fans in a tizzy.

"Can't help but think he might just be trolling us," one person responded.

"He need to stop playing us like that," another bemoaned.

On Friday, ESPN reported that the Raiders are "strongly considering" acquiring Lynch, 30, who has been retired since Feb. 2016. Because he left the league with two years left on his Seahawks contract, Lynch would have be acquired via trade or released first by Seattle.

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