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Cleveland Browns News Archives
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04/24/2017 Catch up on stories, videos and everything else you need to know before the 2017 NFL Draft
04/24/2017 NFL Draft 2017: How to watch on TV, stream, daily schedules
04/24/2017 2017 NFL Draft: Deshaun Watson has body of work, intangibles quarterback-needy teams like Browns can’t ignore
04/24/2017 Cleveland Browns quarterback question might not be answered until 2018 draft
04/24/2017 NFL draft: The rise of Mitch Trubisky, Kareem Hunt traces back to the Mentor Youth Football Association
04/24/2017 Mitchell Trubisky’s and Kareem Hunt’s greatest high school and college performances
04/24/2017 NFL Draft: Cal QB Davis Webb could be next-best option for Browns at top of 2nd round
04/23/2017 Mitch Trubisky can be what Bernie Kosar was to the Browns, says Mentor coach
04/23/2017 NFL Draft 2017: 8 team-changing drafts for the Browns to match
04/23/2017 The Browns can 'substantially' change their franchise with this one draft
04/23/2017 Would the Browns really take Mitch Trubisky No. 1 overall?
04/23/2017 2017 NFL Draft: Mitchell Trubisky’s goal to end quarterback curse of hometown Browns fueled him as he waited to start in college
04/23/2017 As Hall of Fame Village breaks ground Tuesday in Canton, grand vision grows of Disney-esque impact on area
04/23/2017 Hue Jackson’s quarterback school
04/23/2017 Targeting DeShone Kizer makes sense for Cleveland Browns
04/23/2017 NFL Draft: For years Mitchell Trubisky's goal has been to end Browns' QB curse, and he just might get that chance
04/22/2017 Mitch Trubisky still a serious candidate for Browns at No. 1, sources say
04/22/2017 Tyvis Powell fires back, Joe Thomas' bad hugs: Browns social media top 5
04/22/2017 Browns returning to SportsTime Ohio in 2017, according to report
04/22/2017 Can the Cleveland Browns prove they're ready for prime time?
04/22/2017 NFL Network’s Mike Mayock says Browns must draft Myles Garrett at No. 1 but shouldn’t trade up from No. 12 for Mitchell Trubisky
04/22/2017 Browns Analysis: Breaking down the draft's top QBs, with Mitchell Trubisky at the top of the list
04/21/2017 Cleveland Browns 2017 schedule: Open at home vs. Steelers, host Vikings in London, no primetime
04/21/2017 2017 Cleveland Browns schedule: One interesting thing about every game
04/21/2017 Browns vs. Vikings in London Week 8: What you need to know
04/21/2017 Browns release offensive lineman Alvin Bailey, two others
04/21/2017 NFL Draft 2017: Which teams would be best trade partners if Browns move up from No. 12
04/21/2017 Should Cleveland Browns feel pressure to take a quarterback at No. 1?
04/21/2017 Browns to face Steelers in regular-season opener and finale; no prime-time game on schedule
04/21/2017 2017 Browns schedule
04/21/2017 2017 NFL schedule: Browns face Steelers to open their season
04/21/2017 Cleveland Browns are shut out in prime time in 2017 schedule announced April 20
04/21/2017 2017 schedule: Browns open and close vs. Pittsburgh, left out of prime time
04/21/2017 'Football junkie' Baker could fill Browns' need at safety
04/20/2017 Browns 'would be proud to have' Myles Garrett; reports of divisiveness false, says Sashi Brown
04/20/2017 Browns open to trade up from No. 12, with Mitch Trubisky the presumed target
04/20/2017 Browns focus on adding talent, not assets, is right approach to 2017 NFL Draft
04/20/2017 Browns sound poised to trade up for their quarterback (and they should)
04/20/2017 Decoding the Browns' draft intentions: No doubt at No. 1 and reason to stay at No. 12
04/20/2017 Cleveland Browns Scribbles: Feeling good about Myles Garrett at No. 1 and approach of front office