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Dan Campbell explains why Lions went through rookie minicamp without a quarterback

5/17/2021 12:40:37 PM
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The Detroit Lions just went through three days of rookie minicamp without a quarterback present, leaving three former gunslingers on the team’s new coaching staff to handle those duties, Benjamin Raven of Mlive reports.

While three days of practice without a rostered quarterback on the field sounds strange, Lions coach Dan Campbell clarified the situation while shedding light on what the league allowed teams to do in terms of outside tryouts. The NFL allowed only five tryout players this year, making it hard to add another quarterback with numbers so tight.

The Lions have quarterbacks Jared Goff, Tim Boyle and David Blough on their roster. Campbell said the team is comfortable with those three and didn’t think one of the team’s five tryout spots needed to be a quarterback.

“We feel like we’re in a good spot there. With that, that would have meant that we would have had to sign a tryout player as a quarterback,” Campbell said. “There’s nothing wrong with that to get through a practice, but there again, we didn’t feel like we were going to do traditional practices where you’re doing an actual team. With that, why waste one of those spots on somebody that we knew wasn’t going to be here? We would rather use one of those spots and let’s bring in a tight end, let’s bring in a defensive back, let’s bring in a corner. Let’s get eyes on somebody we think can make this roster.

“With that, we’ve got some coaches on this staff that actually can throw a little bit. We’ve used their arms, somewhat. I would say this; there’s been a lot of ice. A lot of icing after practice. Been a lot of heat pre-practice. But we’re getting it done (and) they look pretty good.”

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