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Dan Campbell wants Lions to trim wordy play calls

10/15/2021 3:04:39 PM
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The Detroit Lions have scored 17 or fewer points in four straight games. They've been shut out in three different halves this season. And just six teams have committed more turnovers.

In order to jumpstart the offense, first-year coach Dan Campbell said the Lions might need to cut down the wordiness of their play calls, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports.

"What I do think we need to do is really curtail the verbiage of our offense and how do we really crop it down to where these guys get a visual picture of what the play is within two or three words," Campbell said. "We’ve got some long verbiage and between a wristband and giving it to the players and getting it repeated and they hear it and then all of a sudden you have injuries, I think we’re not helping ourselves there."

In the NFL, play calls typically comprise several different parts: The formation; any motions or shifts; the play itself; the blocking scheme; and the cadence.

West coast offenses like the one Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn runs are prone to having more wordy play calls, though teams use different methods to cut down on the verbiage involved.

Lynn gave an example of a dummy play call Thursday.

"You could go, 'Six gun, double right, spider all cross, Z escape,' just something like that," he said. "You could just maybe call that, 'Rally.' And you learn it from one word. Formation, play, snap count, the whole nine. So we’re getting more into some of those."

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