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Status quo in Seattle after Pete Carroll, John Schneider meet with Jody Allen

1/16/2022 5:45:27 PM
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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has been telling reporters since the end of the season that he’s not worried about his job security, claiming both he and general manager John Schneider are in great shape. If Seattle fans had any doubts, they should now be gone because if the Seahawks were going to fire Carroll they would have done it by now, Tim Weaver of USA Today's Seahawks Wire reports.

According to Gregg Bell at the News Tribune, Carroll had his end-of-season meeting with team owner Jody Allen. The news coming out of that meeting is no news. The franchise sees this as a regular thing and not a potentially earth-shattering referendum on the front office.

This shoudn’t come as a surprise, despite some disappointing results this season. Carroll has been the most successful coach in the NFC over the last 10 years and remains overwhelmingly popular with his own players.

There’s also some simple math involved. Carroll signed a five-year extension in November of 2020. Firing him at this point would cost the team an eight-figure buyout. Unless he said or did something problematic on a Jon Gruden or Urban Meyer type level he was never going to get canned unless his team totally failed on the field.

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