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Could this finally be Eric Bienemy's year?

1/17/2022 7:23:01 PM
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With the offensive explosion by the Kansas City Chiefs in manhandling the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night, the question once again arises-will this be the year Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy finally gets a head coaching job?  Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk thinks it might be.

Florio wants to dispell the myth that it hasn't happened before now because Bienemy is bad at interviewing.  "Per multiple sources, the periodic and persistent chatter regarding Bieniemy being a “bad interview” is BS. As one source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT over the weekend, Bieniemy did a great job in last year’s hiring cycle. And he continues to improve, as he receives (and he has) specific feedback on how to make his presentation even better."

No team thus far has been willing to make the bet that Bienemy the great offensive coordinator will become Bienemy the great head coach as the skill sets are very different.  And Chiefs OCs have a mixed record-Doug Pederson won a Super Bowl as head coach of the Eagles but experienced problems duplicating that feat before his firing last season and Matt Nagy, his successor in Kansas City, was just fired by the Chicago Bears.  People express concern that Andy Reid actually calls the offensive plays for the Chiefs.

Ultimately, owners have to determine whether the risk is worth the reward.  But Florio points out that there are other coaching hires in the league with fewer accomplishments who have gotten a shot-including several that became head coaches without even being coordinators first.  With 25 percent of the league looking for new coaches this cycle, it’s hard to argue that Bieniemy hasn’t earned his chance.  Whoever calls the plays, it is irrefutable that four years coordinating an offense that features Patrick Mahomes and that has been to three straight AFC Championships and two straight Super Bowls should put Bienemy at the top of the list of coaching candidates.


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