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Would the Browns make another QB trade if Watson is suspended?

6/21/2022 6:11:01 PM
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"In the event of a (DeShaun) Watson suspension, the Cleveland Browns could also look for another quarterback trade" according to Jake Trotter of ESPN.

Trotter throws out trading Baker Mayfield to San Francisco for Jimmy Garoppolo but that scenario seems a bit far-fetched.  But if Watson is suspended, he seems to be inferring that the team won't just settle for Jacoby Brissett as its starter. It would be a big boon for Cleveland's skill position corps if they found better than Brissett, but it also is hard to imagine that caliber of quarterback being available this late without it being someone like Garoppolo. Josh Dobbs has apparently not impressed enough to be the No. 2. 

With a potentially season-long suspension looming for Watson, you have to wonder if the Browns front office has some private regrets about trashing Mayfield so thoroughly in the media and allowing that relationship to completely break down.  The 2021 injured version of Mayfield was not much better than Brissett the 2020 version that led the Browns to the playoffs definitely was.

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