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Joe Burrow says self-doubt had him considering becoming investment banker

6/24/2022 1:57:25 PM
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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow's confidence and work ethic allowed him to bounce back from a season-ending knee injury to lead his team from a 4-11-1 record in 2020 to a Super Bowl 56 appearance.

So it's easy to forget that he sat the bench for three seasons with the Ohio State Buckeyes before transferring to LSU, winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Tigers to a national title ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft, when the Bengals made him the top overall pick.

On "Chris Simms Unbuttoned," Burrow discussed a number of topics with the NBC Sports NFL analyst and former quarterback, including his self-confidence, throwing motion, leadership qualities, grip of the ball, accuracy, arm strength and much more, Dave Clark of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Burrow said that while at Ohio State, he considered pursuing another career.

"I was putting in the same work (at Ohio State) that I always put in and I wasn't playing. Of course there was self-doubt in that moment. I mean when you don't play for three years and you're putting in the work. And you feel like you're practicing really well. And you feel like you could go out there and make plays and do what you've always done but you're not getting the opportunity to show what you can do. It's frustrating. And there were times when I started updating that resume. You know, thinking about being an investment banker or something like that. But fortunately, the work that I put in during those three years really paid off. You know, I got better each year. And I was very worried about getting on the field and playing. But at the same time, I had people around me that really allowed me to focus on getting better every single day ... worked really hard in the weight room. Kept getting better during practice. And the rest took care of itself. Just unfortunately, not there (in Columbus)."

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