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Peyton Manning believes Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan are well-equipped to handle big expectations with new teams

6/25/2022 1:52:32 PM
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Highlighting an offseason marked with blockbuster trades, Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan were each acquired with the hope of being the final piece to a championship puzzle in Denver and Indianapolis, respectively.

The arrival of each star quarterback is sure to bring lofty expectations.

Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning, who delivered Super Bowl rings to both the Broncos and Colts franchises, knows a thing or two about navigating the pressure that awaits Wilson and Ryan. Manning believes they are well-equipped to handle what comes their way, Michael Baca of reports.

"I mean, look, obviously when you play quarterback in the NFL there's certainly expectations. I think Russell and Matt, they have high expectations for themselves," Manning said at the annual 'Manning Passing Academy' on Friday. "They want to work together with the team, get on the same page and want to help the team win and do their part. So, I think both of them will handle that well."

To no one's surprise, Manning advised both Wilson and Ryan as they made their way to his former teams.

"I talked to both of them kinda during the process and tried to be a resource as I try to be for all quarterbacks," Manning said. "For Matt in particular, he kind of mentioned that Atlanta was looking for possibly a trade and he was asking about Indy. I just kind of really liked that match. I thought it would be great for Matt in this second chapter for him, and I thought it would be really good for the Colts, who I think are really close and have a lot of pieces and just could really use a veteran leader. He and Frank Reich have really hit it off. And the same with Russell, right? It's a new chapter for him. Broncos fans and players are hungry -- we've been in a little bit of a drought the past few years and it's time to get the Broncos back to where they're supposed to be."

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