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Source: Goodell will not personally handle DeShaun Watson appeal

8/4/2022 6:29:11 PM
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Roger Goodell has the power to personally handle the DeShaun Watson appeal but instead will designate the matter to someone outside the league office according to Mike Florio of Pro Football

We do not yet know who that wil be but a good possibility is Mary Jo White, given that she has recently handled various “independent investigations” for the NFL.  Florio makes the point that no one chosen by the NFL is truly "independent" as they will have  some sort of hope for an ongoing business relationship with the league, and that will influence the decision-making process.  Failing to give the NFL what it wants is not a good business decision.

A separate source with knowledge of the process suggested that the designee for the appeal possibly will be Condolleezza Rice, who is slated to officially become a part owner of the Broncos next week. Again, she wouldn’t be truly independent; she’s about to become an equity holder in one of the league’s teams. Her reputation, however, would make it easier for the league to sell to media and fans the possibility that she will be able to set aside other interests and make the right decision.

However, Rice is an admitted Cleveland Browns fan.  Stay tuned.


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