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Chiefs rookie WR Skyy Moore getting the hang of Andy Reid's offense: 'It's starting to click'

8/5/2022 2:58:53 PM
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Second-round rookie wide receiver Skyy Moore has generated a lot of buzz during the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp, John Dixon of Arrowhead Pride reports.

Following Thursday’s practice, he discussed some of the talk that has been swirling around him — starting with the hip injury he suffered during a one-on-one against rookie safety Nazeeh Johnson on Tuesday. While some have blamed Johnson for a too-hard hit against a teammate in practice, Moore said it was nothing like that.

“I just kind of tweaked it a little,” he told reporters. “[I] fell in an awkward way. I’m cool now. It was a minor tweak.”

The injury was still enough for the Chiefs to pull him out of practice that day — which caused a scare, since “hip injury” sounds pretty bad — but Moore was back on the field the following day, showing no signs of being physically limited.

Much has also been made of Moore’s backfield snaps during camp, including some jet sweeps. The wideout said he’s accustomed to that.

“I’ve always been that type of player,” he noted. “At the beginning stages of coming in, I feel like I’m always getting jet sweeps. So it’s not new.”

But that in no way should be taken to mean that Moore has an issue with running them. In fact, just the opposite is true.

“I like just getting the ball fast,” he said. “The faster you can get the ball, the faster you can make something happen with it. So that’s what I like about those plays.”

Of course, his main job will still be to catch passes. And while he admitted that Reid’s complex offense would be “a process” to learn, he claimed that he is already figuring it out.

“It’s starting to click,” he said. “I feel like everything in this offense is counters — like, we run this play — and this play’s a counter to that play. So once you get the basics of everything, it starts to click a whole lot faster.”

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