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Drew Brees didn’t get struck by lightning

12/2/2022 4:31:29 PM
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The sports world was sent into a bit of a panic on Friday morning when a video circulated that claimed to show Drew Brees being struck by lightning. Fortunately, that did not happen, Steve DelVecchio of Larry Brown Sports reports.

The video, which appears to be a marketing ploy from online sportsbook PointsBet, shows Brees filming a commercial in a lightning storm when a bolt appears to hit right next to him. You can see the clip below:

Brees had tweeted earlier in the week that he was excited to be “flying to a top-secret location” to film a promo for PointsBet. After the lightning video went viral, PointsBet issued a statement saying they are aware of the Brees story and “will continue to monitor events throughout the coming hours.”

That may have also been part of the marketing ploy, because multiple NFL reporters were told Brees is fine.

It is unclear if the entire video was fabricated or if a bolt actually hit near Brees and he got lucky. Either way, the former New Orleans Saints star is very much alive and was not struck by lightning.

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