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Zac Taylor apologizes for messing up NFL's coin toss, neutral site plans

1/23/2023 1:26:51 PM
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The Cincinnati Bengals are clearly enjoying proving doubters wrong and overcoming what they perceive to be unfair treatment by the NFL.

By beating the Buffalo Bills on Sunday in the divisional round and advancing to the AFC title game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bengals put the axe in the NFL’s neutral site plans for an AFC title game between the Chiefs and Bills.

Bengals players were more than happy to point out they spoiled the neutral site and caused a ticket refund debacle, Chris Roling of USA Today's Bengals Wire reports. 

Asked after the game about this, Taylor got funny with his response by talking about messing up the NFL’s plans for coin tosses and neutral sites.

“It is tough because they have to formulate the plans for a coin toss, they got to formulate plans for a neutral site game and we just keep screwing it up for everybody and I hate that for them,” Taylor said. “People to have to endure all those logistical issues and then we just keep screwing it up, so I’m sorry.”

Taylor’s referring to the one-off rule change the NFL made that said the Bengals would have been subjected to a coin toss if they had lost the season finale to the Ravens that would have decided which team got to host the playoff rematch.

The Bengals won and nullified that, but the organization was “livid” with the NFL. With Sunday’s win, they also nullified the neutral site and will play in the conference title game for the second consecutive postseason.

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