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Tom Brady has a testy response when asked about plans for 2023

1/24/2023 12:47:36 PM
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That persistent question came up again, this time during Tom Brady’s weekly Let’s Go! podcast.

When asked Monday if he had a timetable for deciding what he wanted to do about his football career, the 45-year-old quarterback didn’t use the R word, as in retirement. But his response was R-rated. A few expletives later, he arrived at, “I’m taking it a day at a time,” Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Co-host Jim Gray said it sounded like Brady was antagonized by the question. “It’s only the question everybody wants to hear,” Gray said.

“I appreciate you asking. Thank you,” Brady said.

Then both Brady and Gray laughed, but that was the end of the discussion about his future.

At present, Brady said he is trying to “decompress” from the long NFL season, which ended for the Bucs’ (8-10) after a 31-14 loss to the Cowboys in the wild-card round. He said he has been spending time with his children and family, but has not thrown a football since the Jan. 16 loss.

“There’s a lot of decompression,” he said. “I know we use that word a lot but there is a real crash-landing element to all of this. And doing it for as long as I have, there’s no soft landing, either. It ends and it’s over and as much as you’d love for something to be a little softer on the way out, that’s just not the reality.”

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