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Sources: Possibility Aaron Rodgers returns this year

9/17/2023 2:14:23 PM
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It's "not out of the question" that Aaron Rodgers could return this season, sources said, but he has not and will not put a specific timeline on his return, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Rams running back Cam Akers tore his Achilles and came back faster than virtually any professional athlete: just under five months. Rodgers tore his Achilles on Sept. 11 -- exactly five months before this season's Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Of course, there are other factors that will play into any potential quick return. The Jets have to do their part by winning to make his return worthwhile. Then there is the question of how his replacement, Zach Wilson, will be playing. If Wilson is shining, Rodgers will not want to interfere with his progress.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who operated on Rodgers this past week in Los Angeles, repaired Kobe Bryant's torn Achilles in 2013, and it took Bryant eight months to return to action.

NBA All-Star Kevin Durant tore his Achilles in June 2019 and returned in December 2020, some 18 months later.

Former Atlanta Hawks standout Dominique Wilkins tore his in January 1992 and came back the following November, 10 months later.

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham tore his in September 2021 and returned the following September, one year later.

Since then, surgical techniques and therapy techniques have evolved, so Rodgers has that going for him. Now he will have a chance to mount his own comeback as soon as late this season, certainly by next season, but with his only timeline being to play again.

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