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Matthew Judon on Patriots’ 0-2 start: ‘This is not a bad team’

9/18/2023 12:49:27 PM
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After the Patriots’ 24-17 loss to the Dolphins on Sunday night, linebacker Matthew Judon opened his postgame press conference with an impromptu statement on the Patriots being 0-2.

“I know we lost. I know it looks bad. You’re [0-2], you start [0-2]. But this is not a bad team,” Judon said. “So don’t get to asking those types of questions. … We’re gonna speak matter of fact. But I don’t think we’re about to hang our head up here or in the locker room. So when we come back tomorrow, and we watch this film, we’re gonna get our corrections corrected. Then we come back on Wednesday, it’s not going to be, ‘How y’all gonna pull it together?’ We already know how.”

“We got to just play how we play in the second half from the first play. We got to get the crowd involved from the get-go. Like when we come out there on the field, when we take the field, it’s gotta have some type of energy. We got to have some type of juice. We can’t wait until we’re down 17, we can’t wait until we’re down 13 to try to make a comeback.

“It’s too hard in this league. It’s too hard in this league. People are too good, schemes are too good that you don’t have enough time. So you can’t play from behind, you can’t come out here and have slow starts. And I think that’s what we’re doing and we have to get it corrected to have a faster start.”

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