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"The sentiment among many" is Kenny Pickett will get one more shot as starter

3/3/2024 7:08:57 PM
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"The sentiment among many" is hat Kenny Pickett could get another chance as the Steelers’ starting QB in 2024 according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.

According to Fowler, the Steelers “have started the process of rebuilding Pickett, as the third-year quarterback reportedly met with new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith to begin going over things. Fowlers notes that the Steelers’ overall offensive woes under former offensive coordinator Matt Canada may have been enough to buy Pickett one more season, with the hopes that Smith can get more out of him.

Pickett has thrown for 4,474 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions in 25 career games. The former No. 20 overall pick has looked like anything but a first-round talent through two years in the league, but he has at least two more years left on his rookie deal, and the team can exercise his fifth-year option for the 2026 season should they be interested in doing so.

While rolling with Pickett seems to go against conventional wisdom, the Steelers may feel incentivized to give him one more opportunity, given the contractual benefits.

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