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Peyton Manning: Owning or running an NFL team "not on my radar"

5/28/2024 2:42:48 PM
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Peyton Manning has stayed plenty busy since retiring from the NFL with his popular commercials, Omaha Productions, his ESPN2 show with his brother Eli during MNF, and involving himself in his kids' activities in a way he couldn't do during his playing days but he does not see owning or running an NFL team or joining the league office in his future according to Parker Gabriel of the Denver Post.

“I don’t think that’s anywhere on my radar by any means,” Manning said of running a team. “I love being an ambassador for the Broncos and for the Colts, for the University of Tennessee. Obviously, living here I get to go to all the Broncos games. I was out at the facility the other day. Our kids do sports in the area around Dove Valley, so I’m probably at the facility a couple times a week. They have great snacks over there in their cafeteria. I don’t know if I’m being charged for those or what. I still have my key fob from when I played. Keith Bishop [the former Broncos linebacker who now runs security for the team] never made that go away, so that’s helpful as well. I’m excited about still being a part of the team and being part of the community. . . . I still feel an attachment and have really enjoyed getting to know the Walton-Penner family as well. But as far as running a team, I don’t think that’s on my radar.”

Manning’s name is well-regarded in football circles, and bringing him onboard would be a good way for an owner to bolster his team’s reputation. But Manning would have to be interested, and right now he says he’s not.

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