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Joe Burrow explains how learning to play the piano helped him with his wrist rehab

7/8/2024 12:18:23 PM
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In 2023, Joe Burrow endured a unique wrist injury that prematurely ended his season. It's ironic that Burrow found an equally unique way to help him rehab the injury this offseason, Bryan DeArdo of CBS Sports reports. 

"I'm learning the piano right now," Burrow told Complex. "Hopefully I can get pretty good at that by next offseason. I guess it'll be pretty tough during the season, but it's helped my rehab too for my wrist, so that's something I want to get good at."

Burrow elaborated on how playing piano has aided his recovery. 

"I've always wanted to learn how to play, but this was an opportune time to work on my hand and wrist dexterity while also learning that," Burrow said. "So it was kind of the perfect storm."

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