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NFL 2023 national revenue hits $13 Billion 

7/9/2024 11:56:44 AM
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Each of the 32 NFL teams received just over $400 million from the league office for the 2023 season, Kurt Badenhausen of Sportico reports.  This according to multiple people familiar with the league’s finances who were not authorized to speak publicly. The tally is up 6% to 8% from the 2022 season, depending on the accounting used by the team.

The total represents national media rights, league sponsorships and shared revenue and royalties from the league’s various affiliates and subsidiaries, such as NFL Properties, NFL International and NFL Enterprises and adds up to roughly $13 billion.

Representatives from the NFL declined to comment.

The NFL’s economic model is the envy of every other major sports league, thanks to two main principles. The system benefits from a relatively hard salary cap that restricts owners from NBA-like spending that triggers luxury tax penalties. In 2023, the NFL salary cap was $224.8 million, with each club also on the hook for nine-figures worth of player benefits, stadium costs and team expenses,

The league’s media rights contracts with ESPN, Fox, CBS, NBC, Amazon and YouTube represent the bulk of the equally shared revenue. Last season kicked off the latest round of deals that are worth at least $125 billion over 11 years

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