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Is Jeff Bezos finally making a move to buy the Seahawks?

7/9/2024 12:22:18 PM
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There has been some recent seismic activity from one of the world’s wealthiest men. Amazon founder and former CEO/President, Jeff Bezos, recently sold off millions of shares in Amazon worth nearly $5 billion dollars. It is the second major sale of his Amazon stock he’s made this year, after he recently unloaded nearly 50 million shares for the price of roughly $8.5 billion.

So now we have an impossibly wealthy billionaire – whose company has gotten exclusive streaming rights with the NFL and has been seen constantly with Commissioner Roger Goodell – with about $13.5 billion dollars in cash on hand. I don’t think it will take consulting with Scooby-Doo to take a wild guess for what Mr. Bezos is planning to use this newly aquired cash on, Kole Musgrove of USA Today's Seahawks Wire reports.

Is Bezos going to make a move to purchase the Seattle Seahawks?

Last year, Musgrove wrote about how Bezos was reportedly interested in buying the Seahawks. Currently, the Seahawks are owned and operated by the Paul G. Allen Trust, which is under the stewardship of his sister Jody Allen. We have known for years part of Paul’s last will and testament instructs all of his assets to be sold off for charity, including the Seahawks and Trail Blazers.

Despite these instructions, neither team have been sold. However, someone like Bezos swinging around the kind of cash he has on hand these days might be enough to get him a meeting… if he is interested in discussing ownership of the Seahawks.

Of course, all of this could be simply Bezos trying to save money. He recently moved to Miami, FL and has reportedly saved nearly $600 million by avoiding Washington State’s capital gains tax. Still, this is well worth keeping an eye on.

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