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San Francisco 49ers News Archives
Date Headline
05/18/2021 49ers sign wide receiver Marqise Lee; Trent Taylor lands with Bengals
05/18/2021 Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle among 49ers’ massive contingent at offseason program
05/18/2021 49ers sign former Jaguars receiver Marqise Lee after minicamp tryout
05/18/2021 Former 49ers slot receiver Trent Taylor won’t be back for fifth year
05/17/2021 Why 49ers’ Trey Lance might be more NFL-ready than many think
05/15/2021 Ready to work, 49ers QB Trey Lance makes his NFL practice debut
05/15/2021 49ers’ jersey numbers revealed ahead of rookie camp for draft picks Lance, Sermon, Banks
05/15/2021 49ers’ top pick Trey Lance, other rookies debut on field for minicamp
05/15/2021 The first glance of Trey Lance — things are about to get fun for the 49ers
05/15/2021 What we saw and learned from Trey Lance’s first practice with the 49ers
05/14/2021 49ers’ Trey Lance, poised for NFL practice debut, thrilled to have teammates again
05/14/2021 How Trey Lance’s family prepared him for his NFL journey out of small-town America
05/14/2021 Inside the 49ers: 2021 schedule’s biggest games, toughest stretches, and a prediction
05/14/2021 Here’s what 49ers rookies said ahead of this week’s minicamp debut
05/13/2021 49ers schedule: Fresh faces, some new places, and a handful of the top draft picks
05/13/2021 Super Bowl season? 49ers’ 2021 schedule comes with good omens
05/13/2021 49ers’ 2021 schedule: Game-by-game look at their return to Super Bowl contention
05/13/2021 49ers schedule: How will they fare against teams with new QBs (and maybe Aaron Rodgers)?
05/11/2021 49ers’ Deebo Samuel goes deep on personal life in Mother’s Day tribute for GQ
05/11/2021 49ers legend Patrick Willis gives passionate commencement speech at Ole Miss
05/11/2021 49ers 53-man roster projection: Which draftees and running backs will make the cut?
05/09/2021 How have the 49ers tackled their injury woes? By adding more durable players
05/09/2021 49ers, Santa Clara County team up for teen vaccinations
05/09/2021 Where do the 49ers need to improve their roster?
05/08/2021 Should the 49ers bring back Richard Sherman? Here are the factors at play
05/07/2021 ‘How the hell did that happen?’: Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers’ meandering path to Trey Lance
05/07/2021 Inside the 49ers: Is running back Trey Sermon on path to instant impact?
05/07/2021 Richard Sherman and 49ers engaged in discussions for possible return to team, source says
05/07/2021 Five takeaways from the 49ers’ draft class: Is the run game going to improve?
05/06/2021 49ers mailbag: Is a Julio Jones trade possible? Could RG III mentor Lance? Sherm return?
05/05/2021 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo says he’s ready to help new teammate and rival Trey Lance
05/05/2021 Garoppolo breaks his offseason silence, welcomes Lance into 49ers’ QB room
05/05/2021 Mexican offensive lineman joining 49ers via NFL’s international program
05/05/2021 Trey Lance will be the 49ers’ starting quarterback sooner than you might think
05/05/2021 49ers’ Shanahan, Garoppolo say the right things, but it’s clear the clock is ticking
05/05/2021 49ers go deep vaccinating 68,500 at Levi’s Stadium – that’s enough to fill the place
05/04/2021 49ers’ awards: Winners and losers from draft that will be defined by Trey Lance
05/04/2021 Shanahan: Trey Lance not in position yet to compete with 49ers’ starter Jimmy Garoppolo
05/04/2021 Kyle Shanahan clarifies 49ers’ pursuit of Packers star Aaron Rodgers
05/04/2021 49ers mailbag: Who else could mentor Trey Lance if Jimmy Garoppolo is foolishly traded?