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Rodgers: Accountability no issue under McCarthy

12/6/2018 6:58:59 AM
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Aaron Rodgers is a two-time MVP. At his best, he has played the quarterback position perhaps as well as anybody ever. His arm talent, his elusiveness, his creativity, his intellect – his all-around skill set may be unparalleled.

Winston Moss, the Packers' longtime assistant coach, suggested in a tweet Tuesday that Rodgers hasn’t been held accountable. He was the first member inside the organization to publicly express the possibility. Moss was fired hours later not for the tweet, interim head coach Joe Philbin said Wednesday, but because it “just didn’t feel like the fit right now was where it needs to be.”

Still, Moss’ tweet fueled a public perception that Mike McCarthy lost his ability to keep Rodgers in check, leading to his eventual termination. Team president/CEO Mark Murphy and general manager Brian Gutekunst denied Monday that was a factor in the decision to fire McCarthy, Ryan Wood of reports.

On Wednesday, Rodgers tried to quash any idea there’s a lack of accountability, and in the process defended his former head coach.

“There’s always been a great deal of accountability under Mike’s program for the last 13 years,” Rodgers said. “There’s consequences for actions that are outside of what’s in the best interest of the team, and there’s never been – I used to always tell him, I said, ‘Hey, if you need to call on somebody in the meeting to let everybody know we’re all on equal playing field, call on me first. Call me out.’ Just so everybody knows nobody is off limits, we’re holding everybody to the same standard. And I feel that’s the way it always was.”

Rodgers has defended his relationship with McCarthy this week, referring to it as a friendship Monday. He became agitated Wednesday when asked if there’s any validity to the belief Rodgers played a part in McCarthy being fired.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve got to stand here and tell you,” Rodgers said, “I don’t feel like I need to convince anybody about Mike and I’s relationship. It’s a close-knit relationship. We would finish every time that we talked, whether it’s Monday afternoon up in his office or the Thursdays we used to spend in the team room or Friday upstairs or Saturday in the QB room, and we’d hug each other and tell each other we love each other. I mean, we had a close-knit bond.”

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